Piccadilly Labradors‚Äč

The Boys... 
BISS GCH Banner's No Line On The Horizon ~ Fez
CH Piccadilly's Citius Altius Fortius ~ Phelps
Piccadilly's Nice Guy ~ Gordon

Piccadilly's Roccin' The Shades WC ~ Punch

CH Piccadilly's Secret Handshake ~ Clooney
 MBISS Am GCHB BOSS Can CH  Piccadilly's A Shade Darker WC ~ Billy

Piccadilly's Shake The Horizon ~ Quake

The Girls... 

Piccadilly's Secret Crush ~ Flirt

Piccadilly's Gotta Have It ~ Gimme

BOSS Piccadilly's Shake It Off ~ Swift

Piccadilly's Theory Of Everything ~ Theory

Piccadilly's Shake Your Groove Thing ~ Groovy

Our 2016/2017 Visitor... 

AM CH ENG SH CH Farnfield Topo Gigio JW SHCM ~ Gino


SHR ACHX UCD UWP GRCH Piccadilly's Beloved Friend AX AXJ JH WCX CC TDI CGC ~ Darwin
SHR UACH GRCH Endeavor Piccadilly Pipe Dream JH NA NAJ RN WC CGC ~ Piper
Am CH UCH SHR AGI Endeavor Piccadilly Gotta Wear Shades JH NA NAJ WC TDI CGC ~ Bono 

Piccadilly's Recurring Dream JH WC ~ Ditto

BISS Am GCHB BISS Can CH Piccadilly's Hidden Covey JH WC ~ Covey
BISS CH Piccadilly's I Gotta Feeling WC ~ Gotta
Inselheim Josephine ~ Phin
Epoch's GrooGrux King JH WC ~ Carter
CH Piccadilly's Summer Games WC ~ London
Piccadilly's Hidden Design ~ Paisley

CH Piccadilly's Designer Shades ~ Juicy
Erinhill's Secret Rendezvous at Bayskor ~ Jolie

Inselheim Clark & Addison ~ Wrigley

Piccadilly's Secret Ballot ~ Grant

Piccadilly's Gotta Be Good ~ Goodie

BISS Am GCH BISS Can CH Piccadilly's Sticky Wicket ~ Cricket